Level Lake Lounge

All Summer

Level Lake Lounge

Club Cruise

This 2 deck party boat is loaded with a full bar, Live Level DJ’s, pumpin’ club music, dance floor, hot tub, kitchen, and dining area

Docked water front at the sails off Bernard Avenue

Sailing evenings Thursdays thru Saturdays and event nights all summer long

All Level Lake Lounge party people receive VIP Entry & FREE COVER @ Level Nite Club following your cruise…


So it’s been a tough week at school and your ready to let loose a little and get rid of some of that exam anxiety, well we have the perfect solution for you! Head on down to LeVel Nite Club!

Ladies… let us help you forget about your work week woes. Throw on those heels, grab the rest

$3.50 Draft
$3.50 Shot Special
$4.25 Drink Special

Alright ladies its time to strut your stuff! DOLL UP & DIVA OUT!! Friday nights at LeVeL Nite Club, why not? with FREE COVER for ladies all night! Great drink specials with $3.50 Pints of Draft, $3.50 shot special, $4.25 drink special, and not to forget the Sick Beatz.
Guys… it almost goes without saying – no cover for the ladies means LeVeL has the sexiest girls to make you forget about that ‘not so friendly boss’ & tons of homework you’ve been dealing with all week

A fresh look to our Saturday Nights…

$3.50 Shot Special
$3.50 Drinks Special

Alright Party People it’s time to change it up a little! I know everyone’s sick of the same old regular bar nights! Well LeVeL Nite Club & LUX Entertainment bring you LUX Saturdays! With theme nights and crazy college nights that are meant to never be remembered!! Crazy low drinks specials that include a $2.75 shot & $3.50 drink! Lets not forget the latest tracks and the sickest remixes being spun on the decks!

No one likes waiting in line… and we know that cover is something you could go without paying…

We also know that you want to be the first to hear about event releases, long weekends and special nights.

Our ALL ACCESS Blackberry group gives you the respect of VIP guest list and the info to plan your weekend the way YOU want it!

Add the pin and receive the benefits of always having LeVeL just a short text away!